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What to do if my payment failed?
If you could not make a successful payment, please kindly proceed with the following steps:

1. Check if your card has sufficient funds.
2. Check your internet connection, and refresh your page.
3. Contact your card issuing bank for help.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales.uk@heybike.com for help.
I ordered more than one item. Will they all be delivered at the same time?
We try to make sure all your items reach you at the same time. Sometimes our products are not always sent together since different shipping options can be used, depending on the product. Once an item has been shipped, you will receive a shipment notification email.


Are there any restrictions or regulations on the use of e-bikes in the UK?
Please click on the following website www.gov.uk/electric-bike-rules to learn more about the UK Government's policy on e-bikes.
Is the bike waterproof?
No. the bike is water-resistant, not waterproof. It can withstand some moisture, but we recommend taking extra caution when riding in or near water and drying your bike completely before charging to avoid damage.

Product Availability: UK vs. US Sites Explained

I noticed some models on your American site that aren't available on the UK site. Why is this?
Thank you for your keen observation. Our US and UK websites cater to their respective markets, and as such, the product offerings are distinct. Models available on our US site are not available for purchase on the UK site. We've tailored our e-bike selection on each website to best meet the specific needs and preferences of each region.
Are there any exclusive benefits or features in the UK models compared to the US ones?
Each model we offer is tailored to its respective market, ensuring it meets regional standards, regulations, and customer preferences. While some features might overlap, our UK models are specifically designed to cater to the UK audience in terms of performance, safety, and local requirements.
Are there plans to introduce the American models to the UK site soon?
We're always evaluating our product lineup and considering the introduction of new models based on demand and feasibility. Stay tuned to our newsletter and website updates for any new model announcements.
Can I order a bike model from the US site and have it shipped to the UK?
we currently recommend purchasing from our UK site if you're based in the UK for the most seamless service, including delivery and after-sales support. Shipping models internationally can be complex due to regulations and additional costs. However, we continually assess our range, and if there's enough demand, we might consider offering specific models in both regions.

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